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Available Services
Neurotherapy (Neurofeedback)

Neurotherapy (Neurofeedback) is an alternative to traditional medication treatments, incorporating neurofeedback and cognitive therapy which allows the mind and body to retrain itself and take control of its own healing process. It can be used to help treat symptoms of multiple disorders including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADD/ADHD, select sleep disorders, Autism/Asperger’s, headaches, and traumatic brain injury.

Neurofeedback is the direct training of the brain to learn to function more efficiently without medication. This is a gradual learning process that can apply to any area of the brain. By playing a video game with your brain, you can increase your attention span, focus, energy, sleep, mood, and decrease depression and anxiety.

Recommended: One hour session twice per week that includes cognitive therapy and behavioral modification.


qEEG is a clinical tool used to evaluate  brain function.  It measures the cortical electrical activity of the brain and allows us to view the dynamic changes taking place through  the brain during cognitive processing tasks.

With the  qEEG, patients can see how each part of their brain is processing, which can help their physicians determine which medication or holistic treatment such as neurofeedback may work best. A qEEG can also be used as a tool to determine medication and supplement efficacy, as well as a basis for neurofeedback protocols.


Individual psychotherapy: where you can feel someone is truly listening to your feelings, needs, and problem areas in a safe environment. Dr. Kraus cares and will work with you using a variety of methods to overcome your fears, anxiety, depression, and much more.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of academic, cognitive, attention, and behavioral functions using a set of standardized tests and procedures. The 6 to 8 hour evaluation includes:

  • Extensive intake interview of history from birth to present
  • Cognitive ability assessment-intelligence quotient
  • Academic assessment
  • Attention testing – face to face with Dr. Kraus to look at various types of attention:
  • Sustained
  • Divided
  • Selective
  • Impulse control personality / behavioral assessment
  • Executive functioning and processing skills
  • Memory testing
  • Personality testing
  • Dr. Kraus will determine if other tests are needed based on what she discovers during the evaluation process
  • Comprehensive report with recommendations for family and academic setting (if appropriate)
  • Follow-up appointment to discuss detailed results
Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy will teach mental skills for enhanced overall performance in your sport and daily life. It can help you improve confidence, focus, composure, intensity, and trust in athletic performance. It can help reduce fear of failure and decrease performance anxiety. Combined with Neurofeedback treatment, Sports Therapy can significantly improve attention and concentration that is so critically needed in any sport as well as decrease any anxiety or fears related to performance.

Brain Fitness leads to peak
performance and a healthy life

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